Chaosmosis Vol. 1-5

From May to July 2019 a series of experimental / electronic sound interventions took place at Chaosmos Athens; in collaboration with Edoardo Ulisse

Lø (Freak Fixe) – Athens // lo-tech

Notiàs (UMAGA / Chaosmos) LIVE – Berlin // psychedelic / power ambient / techno

J.A.Q (UMAGA / D.C.) – Berlin// techno / experimental

ANTIEGO (UMAGA) – Berlin// dark / psychedelic / deep / techno

Andreas Palmer



Already Taken

EddyMordace (power ambient dj set)

Damian Sea LIVE – Physical mind EP launch


EddyMordace (power ambient dj set)

Supersonik Sekta (LIVE)

Neopuk (energetic slow techno dj set)

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