Ultimate Con-Fusion

Ultimate Con-Fusion was a 3-day festival, the closing event of the project Trash Temple, which took place on all the three floors of the installation, combining workshops, performances, concerts and screenings in a mystical con-fusion. The 3 days were conceptually composed with a different theme each day: pancosmic Friday, electronic Saturday and lovely Sunday.

Screenings inside the Cave:

Wastelands by Thalia Dimitrakopoulou & Marius Mathiszik

Random Characters by Marius Mathiszik

Glossolalia by Vandaloop Collective

What if we didn’t have different languages? What if no tower of Babylon were built? What if we could understand each other through a planetary invented language? – Video composed for our workshop on voice and imaginary languages on the occasion of the exhibition Gold Rush (2018) by Vandaloop collective

1½ years Chaosmos Athens by Vandaloop Collective

An overview of our events at Chaosmos Athens in fast forward

Metamorphoses by Katerina Rotoli

Zwischenspiel / The Interplay by Katerina Rotoli

Tech Cicada (live techno)

Rootie (world electronica / transcultured / down-tempo)

Synonym.Cosmic (world electronica / transcultured / balearic / neo-disco)

mmxvi (ambient / experimental / electronic) & Jenny Vangop : dance performance

Κενός ήχος – Sound of the Void

Chanesis Chaosmosis (world / experimental)


Barbara Stalos:

Love as an illusion – a Nietzschean approach on love by Nicolas Kolonias

Hybrid as a space: food gathering & open discussion on autonomous art spaces as urban oases blurring boundaries … as the final session of love & politics Athens #4 poetics and politics

Marius Mathiszik (guitar) & Gustav Penka (drums)

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