Symbiotic personae

Masks are personae, personae are masks; but the carnivalesque joy of changing one’s roles is by no means limited to humans alone. Based on these ideas, in this workshop at Alhaouz International Theater Festival, Morocco, we collectively created our own masks with natural materials and found objects in order to experiment with non-human becomings: be it animal, plant, fungi, stone or machine.

Following the workshop, the transformed participants in a state of animal rebellion roamed the streets of the local town Tahanaut near Marrakech. This public intervention is the third enactment of our multi-sited series of regenerative acts summoning new forms of collectivity, eco-social fabulations and collective care.

Using the masks made in the workshop, our collective performance engaged more deeply with non-human entanglements and movements based on physical theatre, cross-cultural performative and meditative practices. During the festival, strange visitors would merge with the human audience reaching out for new and promising encounters.

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