Planets is a media project of the multisited and transmedial research in the expanded mediterranea ‘Grassroots initiatives fertilizing eco-social futures of collective care and creativity in a planetary crisis’ by fellow Vandalooper Eugenia Gianno.

Planets re-creates the sites of the research as interactive wombs-khoras-planets. Within these place-less places, the regenerative acts were iterated in this project as collaborative processes and a creative participatory research method; they are the seeds of temporary collectivities and communities in different cultural contexts and platforms; they are the luscious fruits to collect underway.

As “Worlds of commoning are worlds in movement”(Stavros Stavrides), planets in 3D rotation literally apply to this: the term ‘planet’ is etymologically related to ‘flaneur’. Here are some stills from the media project:

The research continues its journey and is still growing. What started as a small individual aim and life-research sprouting from our own grassroots initiative Chaosmos since 2018 and our own experience with collective care in our everyday, since 2023 expanded to other fellow communities and collectivities to share our experiences, to learn from each other and to create together.

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