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Chaosmos ∞ is a grassroots art space founded by the Vandaloop collective in the sky above Exarcheia, Athens – now infinitely expanding …

Celebrating chaos and diversity, Chaosmos challenges the boundaries between fine art and rave through the sympoiesis of performance, workshops, screenings and talks, offering a space which encourages deep conversations, shared intimacy and collectivized experience.

Chaosmos hosts transdisciplinary researchers and artists focusing on ecosocial art and mysticism, experimental sound and immersive site-specific installations.


Vandaloop collective realizes site-specific, nomadic exhibitions at large-scale extreme spaces, interacting each time with the issues of the local community which is located around those spaces. The collective was founded in 2016 in Berlin.

Their practice is based on interdisciplinary research, re-conceptualizing myth, vertigo and mystery in the contemporary urban context. Using beer cans, plastic bags and other artifacts found in the streets, they create post-apocalyptic atmospheres that relate remnants of the past to imagined future potentials.

Contact: info ät chaosmos dot zone

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