Alchemical Mysteria

A 2-day festival of alchemical and physical fusions …

According to Antonin Artaud, alchemical theatre is the kind of art that was performed at the Eleusian Mysteries, an occult festival in Elefsina, ancient Greece. It was a fusion of various kinds of art and ecstatic music, open to the weird and queer as to culminate in the collective experience of unity. This way, Artaud states, the alchemical quest for the Philosopher’s Stone was actually fulfilled: in a mystical fusion of participants and arts into ‘spiritual gold’.

SATURDAY (NOV 30, 2019)

– Performative walk inside Trash Temple with Małgorzata Suś
HYBRIDS – Collective Performance & public intervention at Exarcheia square

Dj sets all night long:

Rootie (Exotica Kuttura):


Barbara Stalos:

SUNDAY (DEC 1, 2019)

BE WATER: On the Peak of the Iceberg – Performance by Małgorzata Suś and Vilija Vitkute

The performance, created by body painter Vilija Vitkute and dancer Małgorzata Suś, with music by Andrius Mamontovas, is part of their bigger project BE WATER. On 1 December 2019 at Chaosmos inside the large-scale installation Trash Temple we saw the first public presentation of one of the performance scenes – the solo excerpt On the Peak of the Iceberg.

‘The high water of the sea comes into its most majestatic and tremendous form: the iceberg. In the light glow of the full moon the mysterious union of elements happens – sublimity and uniqueness of a snowflake meets the hardness and strength of the ice.
On the top of the lofty glacier appears the queen of ice. Her beauty and supernatural power causes both enchantment and fear. What is going to happen on this solitary land, white and frozen? The emptiness of the vast apocalyptic space scares and fascinates, awaking the question about the destiny of the world and all living beings.’ ~ excerpt from BE WATER script

Andrius Mamontovas, Vilija Vitkute and Małgorzata Suś decided to bring together different art disciplines and create a colorful fusion of music, dance and body painting, expressed in live stage performance and in video projections. Starting from the story of a single drop of water, symbolizing the human as an individual being, we will travel through various stages of water, moon, and human life, to face the perspective of complete disappearance of this life-bringing substance. Is there a new beginning coming? Will the cycle of Nature start the same over and over again?

Vilija and Małgorzata are working together since 2017. They created several shows, where Vilija was painting the dancers and Małgorzata choreographing and dancing. In July 2019 Vilija won the world championship in the category of Special Effects at the World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt, with Małgorzata as a model. The creation for the topic Clear Mind, Clean Planet was completely eco-friendly, hand made only with paper cuts and body colors. This time in Athens we are going to create in the same, 100% ecological way.

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