Mad Masters: Spiritual Decolonisation

How to emancipate ourselves from spiritual colonisation?

Koriam’s Law (2005)

Fellow Vandalooper Hannes Schumacher published an article on spiritual decolonisation with Berfrois:

“Today it should be clear that the prefix ‘post’ in postcolonialism does not merely refer to a linear time-frame dealing with the legacy of former colonies. A first hint lies in the shift of focus from the material base to the so-called superstructure: religion, art and culture. Spiritual colonisation, moreover, is not limited to a dichotomy of ‘us’ (i.e. the colonisers) and ‘them’ (i.e. the colonised). In the present context, everybody is a little coloniser, not only colonising others but also ourselves. The task of spiritual decolonisation is thus not limited to macropolitics but extended to the micropolitics of every single body and its immediate milieu. Spiritual decolonisation concerns all of us still living on the ruins of this planet and will be a decisive task concerning our fate at the edge of extinction.

Both the two cases I want to bring into the discussion are confronted with exemplary forms of spiritual colonialism: military discipline, religious conversion and cognitive capitalism. And both develop unexpected practices which mimic the colonial rule in an outstanding way that radically exposes it and simultaneously provides unique techniques for spiritual decolonisation in each locality, respectively.” […]

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