Ghosts of my Life : Reading and listening group with Eliana Otta

Reading and listening group on Ghosts of my Life. Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures by Mark Fisher.

In Ghosts of my Life, Mark Fisher dives into the connections between pop culture, politics and personal life, questioning if his struggle with depression was an individual or a cultural problem, a collective symptom resulting from the “closed horizons of capitalist realism”.

During these sessions, we read about music that refuses “to give up on the desires for the future”, we traced the ghosts within the songs that the book dissects and discussed how the intersections between aesthetics, hauntology and neoliberalism can be traced in today’s cities.


The sessions were hosted by Eliana Otta, a Peruvian artist, co-founder of the independent space Bisagra ( She works on precarious labor and nature in neoliberal, extractivist economies, and also on gender inequality, crossing feminism, poetry and politics. She is currently doing a Phd about collective processes of mourning at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and was part of the CAPACETE residency in Athens, 2017.

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